back again

So, the point of getting my crap together last summer and sprucing up my website and all of that was because I was going to be interacting and blogging and all of that SEO stuff that’s important on the interwebz. And it was going great, for a few weeks… And then… well, I can’t even really say that anything in particular happened, other than life.

Life gets in the way of all the fun stuff, it seems. Either that, or laziness! I’m going with the first one… although I’m far too afraid that it’s the latter. 😊 But that’s all in the past now and I am back in the saddle and… well, at this point, I’m going to try to be more consistent moving forward. My goal is to post at least one new blog post a week. It may be something writing related, it may be a movie review (because I’m still seeing those on a regular basis!) or it may be me just ranting about random stuff or something cool that I’ve done or seen (like my recent trip to New York City, where I went to see 8 Broadway shows in 7 days!). Whatever it is… well, we’ll see what happens! 😊

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