They say that sometimes you have to let go of the good things to make room for the great things. These pearls of wisdom have never been more apt than with the whole Edgar Wright/Ant-Man falling out with Kevin Feige and Marvel a few years ago.

While Wright’s Ant-Man would have been something interesting, the fact that he stepped away from the project looks to be the best thing to happen to all parties involved. Not only did we get a gem of a film in Peyton Reed’s final version of Ant-Man, but the move also opened the door for Wright to set his sights on a more personal project… which just happened to be the incredible Baby Driver.

Baby Driver follows the story of Baby (the fabulous Ansel Elgort), a getaway driver for a master-of-the-heist crime boss, Doc (a mustache-twirling—but in the very best way—Kevin Spacey). Baby’s goal is to get out, but we don’t often get the things that we want in life, even with the best laid plans.

The film is brash and bold and brazen. So unique and distinctive that it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Cinematic Universe fare that seems so prevalent in cinemas these days. An incredible score and soundtrack, mixed with a great script, fantastic action and a fabulous cast will easily send the film to the top of many Best lists. And deservedly so. Wright not only gets incredible performances from Elgort (who, based on his performance here, is a bonafide movie star) and Spacey, but also his supporting cast. Jamie Fox and Jon Hamm shine as not-so-nice partners in crime, but Eiza Gonzalez is the real breakout here. Her take on Darling is something special, and when added to the chemistry that she and Hamm have, she virtually leaps off the screen and right into your lap.

Overall, this film is exactly what I wanted it to be. Fun, loud, incredible and a little unexpected. Wright has taken an interesting, if trite premise and turned it on its head. The film is neither a sequel, a requel, a prequel nor a remake. Hopefully that, coupled with the awesome word of mouth that it’s been getting, will send audiences flocking to the theatre. A girl can dream, can’t she? Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

9/10 STARS

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